When St John’s was built society was very different from today. The upper and middle classes raised funds to build a church providing the lower classes and the poor of the town with access to the established Church.

There have been many changes since then, in both Church and society, and they are documented here.

Today St John’s maintains its commitment to providing an open door for all. It provides worship on Sundays and through the week, and its welcoming space is open daily for peace and quiet, prayer and reflection.


St John’s is part of the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion family of churches. It is part of the Lark Valley and North Bury Team Ministry and a member of the local inter-denominational Churches Together.

We stand in the affirming catholic tradition and adopt an inclusive stance, gathering as a worshipping community which seeks to welcome and include all God’s children: young and old, black and white, gay and straight, male and female.

St John’s aims to create a space where everyone can meet to worship, to explore, to question and to learn. You can discover here the Christian way of life – willing to share sorrow, joy and laughter – through prayer and worship, discussion and friendship.

St John’s is committed to Christian hospitality and service, to solidarity with the poor and marginalised, to thankful giving and to the stewardship of God’s creation.

Worship through the week

Our aim is to provide worship which is open and approachable, using all the resonance of Christian tradition and sacraments to address the senses and lift the spirits of those taking part.  As appropriate, we use music, symbolism, candles, incense and vestments.

The Eucharist is central to worship at St John’s, with the main focal point being our Parish Mass on Sundays at 11am, which is followed by coffee.  Regular weekday Eucharists are on Mondays at 6pm, Wednesdays at 9.30am (also followed by coffee) and Fridays at 7.30am.

Services, including the Daily Offices take place throughout the week across the North Bury and Lark Valley Churches and there are additional Eucharists here on Saints’ Days and special occasions.

We also offer A Quiet Space – half an hour of quiet meditation or reflection – on Tuesdays at 6pm. Prayers for Healing follow the 11am Parish Mass on the third Sunday of the month. On Sunday evenings Prayer Book Evensong or worship involving music from Iona, Taizé or around the world may be offered at 6pm.  A service of Stations of the Cross is held at 6pm on Fridays during Lent. Our Walsingham Cell meets each month for a Solemn Mass or a pilgrimage.

Please see the noticeboards or our website for full details and updates.

In the church

The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the Lady Chapel as a focus of devotion and so that Holy Communion can be taken to the sick and housebound.

Please feel free to look around – our guide books are available on the bookstall.  One of these is a sketch book for children. There is a Bible for you to read and a prayer board and candles are available for your own prayers.

Don’t miss Iain McKillop’s Stations of the Cross, beginning near the organ. 

Gospel Imprint leaflets about Christian life and faith are displayed for you to browse through or take away.

Can we help you?      

Members of our clergy team are available to visit people, for spiritual direction, including confession, and for informal chats about the Christian faith, our Church community and its activities.

You may want to ask about Baptism or Confirmation, or about getting married or other relationship celebrations.

Please see the noticeboards within the church or our website for contact details.